With an over 35 years’ experience in thermoforming and cutting plastic materials and related products, Sarong is now a reference company in the sector. We are able to realize highly adaptable products, meeting the needs of different sectors, from pharmaceutical, to chemical, to food industry, ensuring the highest quality standards, hygiene and control.

The "food- packaging" can be considered a system of three: " Food - Packaging - Environment ". At the center of this chain there is Sarong, able to produce a special self-protected capsule that ensures your coffee quality, providing a customized product, tailored on your needs, with the chance of changing the thickness of the material at every point of the capsule. This particular process ensures the perfect maintenance of the aroma and the taste of your coffee, until the expiry date.

A proper processing of selected materials ensures to packaging the ability to limit the harmful interactions between the external environment and the content within our capsules barrier. Basically, this turns in limiting the passage of gases, vapors and of ultraviolet light from outside to inside of the capsule and to make sure that this limitation will last for a long time.